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Insights from Working Group Meeting in Barcelona, Spain

Insights from Working Group Meeting in Barcelona, Spain

During this weekend, April 26th–28th, 2024, the working group meeting was convened in Barcelona, Spain. Eva Caballero and Ramon Crespo from Area Q had hosted the other members of the consortium: Mia Bajramagić from IDF Europe, Bastian Hauck from #dedoc°, Malte Kalsbach from TSV Bayer, Ines Jakopanec from EMCA, and Dunja Bračun and Antonia Precali from HAŠK Mladost. Throughout the weekend, the preliminary results from the DiaPS survey were analyzed and discussed, as well as the direction in which this project will be developed.

Overview of the Meeting:

The first day was reserved for arrivals and meeting all the members of the working group. The second day of the meeting started with the first working session. During the session, preliminary results were analyzed, and a lot of interesting results were noted.

Analysis of Preliminary Results:

As it was written, the survey gained more than 1000 responses in 11 languages. Out of those responses, 37.9% were people with diabetes, 18.9% were coaches (both coaching PwD and not), 20.8% were parents of children with diabetes, and the rest were healthcare professionals. Another interesting observation was the age distribution: approximately 50% of the participants fell within the age group of 35 to 54 years. This suggests a high level of interest from coaches and parents of children with diabetes, highlighting the importance of further development and continuation of the DiaPS. Following the analysis, questions regarding the development of digital tools were raised.

Workshops and Discussions:

All the questions were gathered and discussed by using the impact-effort chart. The impact-effort chart provided invaluable information about the priorities and sense of direction in which our digital solution should be developed. On the second day, another working session was held about the user journey in the DiaPS digital solution. Every participant got one persona that was created at the kickoff meeting in Brussels, and by using the template needed to find the best solution for the problem in four steps. The end results of this workshop were quite interesting and provided an additional sense of direction.


The DiaPS project gains a new dimension and enters a new phase of further development. A huge thanks to AreaQ for organizing this meeting and being such a lovely host.