Tackling Diabetes with Sport

Erasmus+ Sport collaborative project that is co-funded by Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

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Project 1: Sports&Diabetes – Tackling Diabetes with Sport

Start date 01-01-2020
End date 31-12-2022

EU Grant: 346.915,00 €

Project Reference: 613191-EPP-1-2019-1-DE-SPO-SCP


The main
objective of project

The main objective of this project, coherently with the mission of the Multisport clubs and other partners involved, was to ENCOURAGE SOCIAL INCLUSION AND EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES IN SPORT in harmony with the Council Recommendation on health-enhancing physical activity and in line with the EU Physical Activity Guidelines. 

Sport has the ability to transcend cultural and social barriers, the physical, social and economic benefits making it an excellent tool for fostering social inclusion. 

In our project the stress was put on enabling children with diabetes to do sport by educating all stakeholders how to handle risk concerning diabetes and reduce fears that lead to exclusion of children with diabetes. A lot of children stop doing sports when they are diagnosed due to various reasons. Predominantly, it is either the fear of the parents or the lack of knowledge of coaches and teacher on how to handle children with diabetes.

The project created a comprehensive handbook that quickly educates all stakeholders and enables all children with diabetes to do or continue sport activities. The project stood for the equal access to sport for all, through the inclusion of young persons with diabetes into sport clubs, with the main goal of showing to everyone that they are as capable of participating in all sport activities and reaching the standards and goals that every other person who doesn’t have diabetes can achieve.  

The goal was to spread a positive message that people living with diabetes should be given the same opportunity to pursue their dreams, be it in schools, at work, or in the area of physical activity, but more importantly people with diabetes can enjoy their lives to the fullest as any other person as long as the appropriate measures are taken. 

was to educate and raise awareness of the stakeholders about diabetes and doing sport.

was to address the fact that persons with diabetes type 1 can participate in sports just as any other person who does not have diabetes.

Project partners
(and counting) Associates
Different sport sections
million people are living with diabetes in Europe

The aims were be achieved by: 

concentrated on people who already have diabetes and their inclusion in sport both through clubs and in school.

The main steps of the project

  1. Clubs connecting with the stakeholders

    • to reach the target group of persons with diabetes the clubs had to create connections with their local diabetes associations  
    • was used to collect crucial information about the most important topics that should be covered by the publication. 
  2. Creating the publication

    • analysis of the survey data, deciding on the main topics, forming the expert group, writing the content
  3. Seminars, sport activities and workshops

    • were used to test and implement the handbook and the feedback received was used to further develop the handbook 
  4. DiaCamp for kids with diabetes

    • was organised to connect children with diabetes from different countries as well as the coaches. It was an event that rounded up all experiences collected during the project. 
  5. Finalization and distribution of the handbook

    • the finished handbook was translated to five project partner languages and distributed both in printed and electronical form. Additionally, an interest for translating the handbook to 27 languages was expressed which is still ongoing 
  6. Tips and tricks from Super D heroes 

    • the feedback and experiences received throughout the project implementation was used to create the Tips and tricks 
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Project Coordinator

Sport club from Germany collaborating with local diabetes associates

Project Partner

Sport club from Croatia collaborating with local diabetes associates

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Reference point for diabetes from Europe

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Network of diabetes advocates worldwide

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Multisport association connected to a number of sport clubs from across Europe

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