Tackling Diabetes with Sport

Erasmus+ Sport collaborative project that is co-funded by Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

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The project partner: European Mulitsport Club Association

EMCA (European Multisport Club Association) was founded in 2013 as an initiative to bring together the strongest multisport organisations of Europe. Since the beginning, the organisation has been active in the field of representing the European multisport culture, by integrating the experience, tradition and know-how of the best European athletes, coaches and sport managers in order to share and promote its values, the importance of grassroots sports and the social impact that our members play in their communities, countries and regions. In high-level sport performance more than 400 Olympic medals have been won, uncountable World, European and national champions and the organisation is proud for its laureate coaches and club managements. As a strong promotor of Olympic values and the highest fair-play standards, EMCA has through the years developed the integrated strengths of its members and connected to the European sport market, both the public and the private. With special motivation towards the international community, EMCA has participated in more than 30 Erasmus+ Sport projects (with one of its members as lead partners) since 2015. A strong inclination towards social and community-based actions, promoting and implementing good governance, integration efforts, tackling inconsistencies and irregularities appearing in and around the sport arena, upholding the sport integrity standards, inspiring with Olympic and highest ideals within and outside its ranks. Currently EMCA consists of 27 members from 20 European countries, and accumulated we have over 100,000 individual members, over 6,000 coaches/instructors and more than 5,000 members in club managements - all mostly volunteers. EMCA’s vision is that of an integrated and dynamic integration of sport and society. Our average multisport club member is around 100 years old and together we have had an impact and influence at many levels in our countries, cities and communities throughout the last century or more for several clubs. In our individual histories, the multisport clubs have worked hard to bring up sport competencies and knowledge, sharing the experiences and the best practices for particular and universal sports and physical health. With often special links to the academia, some clubs even carry the names of their local universities, highlighting the need to excel in sports, but strive in the societies in their jobs and careers. A particular consideration lies in life-long learning and teaching, recognising and developing skills for the life outside sport. In order to serve best all our members – athletes, coaches and club members, we find it important to build new platforms and channels of bringing this to a higher level of quality and importance. The staff of EMCA participating in this project consists of individuals who have extensive experience in participating and leading Erasmus+ Sport projects and experts from the dual career and sport skills area. Every project is as successful as to how many recipients it reaches outside its structures. EMCA can play a valuable role in promoting and performing the project, by reaching out to the grassroots levels of our multisport community. Some of the EMCA members have their dedicated media channels (apart from the social media outreach) such as is the Olympiakos TV, Sporting TV and Lazio TV. By having access to so many clubs, who in turn are affiliated or have good relationships with national federations and associations, we are best placed to implement the project.

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