Tackling Diabetes with Sport

Erasmus+ Sport collaborative project that is co-funded by Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

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We need your help to create a digital solution for DiaPS!

Download and or order for free the handbook and the comic book for kids in different languages

We are opening our doors to anyone who is interested to participate in the project where we will develop a platform for Peer Support

From 'Tackling Diabetes with Sport' to 'Diabetes Digital Peer S(up)port

Project #1: S&D - Tackling Diabetes with Sport

Creating the educational resources for managing diabetes during sports activities. Handbook is a perfect way of explaining the topic of Sports and Diabetes to several target groups such as kids and youth living with diabetes, parents and caregivers, coaches and PE teachers, and everyone interested in this topic.

Project #2: DiaPS - Diabetes Digital Peer S(up)port

Creating the digital platform of Peer Support that educate in different ways, being a place for sharing the experience of managing diabetes during sport activities and be a place to meet and chat with others.

What we want to achieve

The focus

is on knowledge-based empowerment of PwD to feel safe and encouraged to do sport.

The aims are achieved

by creating a digital solution where experiences of doing sport with diabetes can be shared.

The objective

is to develop a toolkit for developing user centred digital solutions with policy and technical recommendations.

Spreading awareness

about the digital solution and the benefits of using it.

Project partners
European countries to outreach
Different sport sections
million people are living with diabetes in Europe

The goals and aims of the project

Who are the partners and associates in this project

A collaborative project that is co-funded by Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

Meet Our Team

Project Coordinator

Sport club from Germany collaborating with local diabetes associates

Project Partner

Sport club from Croatia collaborating with local diabetes associates

Project Partner

Reference point for diabetes from Europe

Project Partner

Network of diabetes advocates worldwide

Project Partner

Multisport association connected to a number of sport clubs from across Europe

Project Partner

Company that provides tailored solutions for our digital tools

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