Tackling Diabetes with Sport

Erasmus+ Sport collaborative project that is co-funded by Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

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Project 2: Sports&Diabetes – Diabetes Digital Peer S(up)port

Start date 01-11-2023
End date 31-04-2026

EU Grant: 400.000,00 €

The main
objective of project

Idea of this project is to create a digital solution where knowledge and experiences of doing sport with diabetes can be found and shared. Athletes living with diabetes more often than other athletes find themselves in situations where they can potentially give up on sport. Practicing a sport and managing everyday life can be hard on everybody but people living with T1D have to make approximately 180 more decisions daily then other people. 

This digital community would help with making some of these decisions and be a place where people with diabetes, coaches, parents, and experts from the fields of diabetes, sport, medicine, nutrition… could offer peer support: meet, share and get knowledge, experience, tips&tricks, help with problems and answer specific questions to help with encouraging and keeping people living with diabetes in sport. 

The goal is to offer a tool where they can seek the knowledge on their own finding the basic and additional resources on doing sport with diabetes, but also share the knowledge in between. 

These types of project have the power to bring together fields that don’t often mix. This is the biggest benefit of interfiled projects that gather experts for a specific reason to create something grate that otherwise wouldn’t be possible without a specific initiative that benefits all fields but has to be strongly driven and lead by a wish for change and development.

Professor Felice Strollo, M.D. endocrinologist and diabetologist, an expert working on the Sports&Diabetes – Tackling diabetes with sport project 

is to educate and raise awareness of the stakeholders about diabetes and doing sport.

is to address the fact that persons with diabetes type 1 can participate in sports just as any other person who does not have diabetes.

Project partners
European countries to outreach
Different sport sections
million people are living with diabetes in Europe

The aims will be achieved by: 

for knowledge-based support as well as peer support for doing sports with Diabetes type 1

to create an online community that, besides giving support, encourages people living with Type 1 Diabetes to excel at sport.

for development of user specific digital solutions while also addressing taking ownership and sustainability of the solution after the project lifetime.

The main steps of the project

  1. Connecting to the target groups 

    • Using existing connections, the partners will select participants for the first phase in the development of the digital solution 
  2. Research

    • Capturing information from the target groups for digital solution development 
  3. Knowledge collection 

    • Broadening and digitalisation of the materials on the topic of sports and diabetes 
  4. Developing the digital solution

    • Design and prototyping preparation for testing 
  5. Testing, evaluating and updating of the digital solution

    • Testing the usability of the digital solution 
  6. Dissemination events

    • Spreading the digital solution among the stakeholders, promoting engagement and usage 
  7. Finalising the toolkit

    • Based on the results of the pilot, a toolkit that provides guidance and resources on a variety of user-centered design techniques 
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Project Coordinator

Sport club from Germany collaborating with local diabetes associates

Project Partner

Sport club from Croatia collaborating with local diabetes associates

Project Partner

Reference point for diabetes from Europe

Project Partner

Network of diabetes advocates worldwide

Project Partner

Multisport association connected to a number of sport clubs from across Europe

Project Partner

Company that provides tailored solutions for our digital tools