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Erasmus+ Sport collaborative project that is co-funded by Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

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The Guidebook

Many young people living with diabetes are not aware of the role physical activity can play in managing diabetes and often, because of lack of knowledge of gym teachers, coaches and even parents, they are excluded from doing sports. While some publications on this topic exist, they are mainly scientific, targeted at healthcare professionals and not easily reachable and understandable for the general public.

The partners in the  Sports&Diabetes  project set out to create a simple, comprehensive, and easy-to-use publication that quickly provides information about the basics of doing sport when living with diabetes. This enables all persons living with diabetes to participate in sport activities. This publication contributes to debunking the stigma that one cannot practice sports if they have diabetes, can help clarify many misunderstandings and can serve as a step-by-step tool for everybody who is interested in the topic of diabetes and engaging in different types of physical activity.

The project wants to convey the clear message that, with a few necessary steps, such as measuring and monitoring blood glucose before, during, and after the sports activity, with backup storage of insulin, on hand carbohydrates, emergency contacts in place etc., a person living with diabetes will be empowered to make the right decisions and be able to enjoy sport activities.

The PDF version of this publication as well as versions in other languages, and additional materials are available at sportsanddiabetes.eu.

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Sneak preview of the handbook: “Tackling Diabetes with Sport – Guide to Type 1 Diabetes and Sport”

Sneak preview of the comic book: “Super D Tackling Sport – Kids Guide to Type 1 Diabetes and Sport”

The handbook was created as a combination of expert and experiential knowledge with the aim of showing all the important elements that are part of the life of a person living with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D), during and after training. However, it is necessary to take into account the individuality of each person living with Type 1 Diabetes and adapt the written advice accordingly.

Bas van de Goor, director of Bas van de Goor foundation, person living with diabetes, Olympic medalist:

“Diabetes is individual. Little to no people who are trying to have great BG during sport are successful on the first try. Be patient and never stop trying to improve. The negative effect of a short period of high BG is compensated wildly in the positive way by being active for an hour, so: JUST GO FOR IT. “


The PDF and printed version of this publication will be available at 5 languages (English, Croatia, German, Greek and Italian) at this website.


If you are interested in help us with other translations send us the e-mail at info@sportsanddiabetes.eu 
We will be very delightful to translate the handbook to as many languages as we can to support all Super D heroes (athletes living with Type 1 Diabetes).