Tackling Diabetes with Sport

Erasmus+ Sport collaborative project that is co-funded by Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

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The project partner: Network of diabetes advocates worldwide

#dedoc° is run by Dedoc Labs, a profit for impact company. We specialise in providing person-centric, user-driven consultancy in healthcare communication, strategy and policy and building authentic, selfsustaining communities, helping our partners develop sustainable engagement strategies and impactful awareness campaigns. #dedoc° is an international community by and for people with diabetes. Our #dedoc° voices scholarship program enables diabetes advocates to attend some of the world’s most renowned scientific conferences, while our #dedoc° symposia and #docdays° have established themselves as a platform for the international voice of people living with diabetes. We believe in the core principles of peer support and the Diabetes Online Community: #NothingAboutUsWithoutUs #WeAreNotWaiting #PayItForward #dedoc° voices are powerful advocates who have proven themselves in the field of advocacy and have a strong presence on social media and in the Diabetes Online Community. They join scientific sessions and industry symposia to curate, translate and share their learnings with the community in a way that is appreciated by PWD around the world. Their social media presence creates value for conference organisers, partners and the global diabetes community alike. Since 2020, #dedoc° has awarded more than 150 scholarships to outstanding diabetes advocates from more than 40 countries. Overall, the #dedoc° voices community included around 300 people with diabetes. We also run multiple events: A #dedoc° symposium gives people with diabetes a seat at the table with healthcare professionals, researchers and industry representatives. Our #dedoc° symposia “What we wish you knew - and why” feature #dedoc° voices speaking on topics of high relevance to people living with diabetes. They take place on-site, opened by conference presidents Tadej Battelino (ATTD), Chantal Mathieu (EASD) and Carine Beaufort (ISPAD), while being live-streamed via Facebook and YouTube. This exemption from the usual paywall ensures access for PWD from around the globe and enables them to comment and engage in real time. #dedoc° symposia reach audiences well beyond the actual conference. Our #docday° allows diabetes advocates from all walks of life to share their advocacy work or personal story with the Diabetes Online Community. What started as an improvised get-together of diabetes bloggers in a small co-working café in Stockholm in 2015 has developed into a colorful series of virtual events. #docdays° follow our celebrated open-door policy, with diabetes advocates, other diabetes organisations and industry partners invited to join and present projects, initiatives and awareness campaigns serving the diabetes community. These events reach up to 1.000.000 viewers.

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