Tackling Diabetes with Sport

Erasmus+ Sport collaborative project that is co-funded by Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

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We are starting a new project: DiaPS – Diabetes Digital Peer S(up)port

We are starting a new project: DiaPS – Diabetes Digital Peer S(up)port

Welcome to DiaPS – Diabetes Digital Peer S(up)port, the next phase following our first project, Sports&Diabetes – Tackling Diabetes with Sport. DiaPS aims to promote social inclusion and equal opportunities in sports, aligning with the mission of Multisport clubs and partners, in accordance with EU Physical Activity Guidelines and Council Recommendations on health-enhancing physical activity. Our primary focus is on empowering individuals with diabetes (PwD) through knowledge-based approaches, thus creating a sense of safety and encouragement to participate in sports activities.

The consortium behind this project includes HAŠK Mladost as the coordinator, with European Multiclub Sport Association (EMCA), TSV Bayer Leverkusen, IDF Europe, DeDoc, and AreaQ as partners.

Our key objective is to develop a digital platform for peer support, offering diverse educational resources and serving as a focal point for sharing experiences in managing diabetes during sports activities. Through this platform, we aim to facilitate interactions among participants, enabling them to learn from one another’s experiences. Additionally, we seek to raise awareness about our digital solution and its benefits, emphasizing its role in promoting the inclusion and active participation of PwD in sports.

As we are starting on this new project journey, for the next 30 months, we look forward to sharing our progress and insights with you. Stay tuned for more updates!